Craft Beer, Swiss Made.
Embuscade, bière artisanale romande IPA de la

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See all the beers Nuage de la Nébuleuse, brasserie artisanale suisse.

Apéro en semaine

Apéro en semaine



Flavours and incredible freshness with a reasonnable alcohol content. It's not because you want a "moreish" beer that you must endure a skull crushing hang-over.

Get 24 amazing beers:
x 8 Speakeasy - Session IPA 4.0%
x 8 Moonshine - Witbier 5.0%
x 8 Stirling - Pale Ale 5.3%

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24 x Bottles (33CL)


CHF 79.20

Craft Beer
Swiss Made

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From CHF 70

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+41 (0) 21 635 01 95

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